Samsung to launch 12.2-inch Galaxy Note tablet: Report

Samsung LogoSamsung is reportedly preparing to launch a new Galaxy Note-series tablet, which will be coming with a 12.2-inch 2560x1600p display. The company has already starting procuring display panels for the same from Sharp and sister company Samsung Display, reports Korean publication ET News.

Like all other Note-devices, this Note-series tablet will also come with S-Pen stylus support as well as a bunch of S-Pen related apps.

According to ET News, Samsung had started working on Note 12.2 in mid-2012, but because of the launch of smaller Note devices, the development of 12.2-inch device was sidelined until now.

Apple is also rumoured to be coming with an iPad ‘Maxi’ with 12-inch display but Samsung plans to introduce its 12.2-inch device before Apple to become with first to offer such a large mainstream tablet.

As this is an unconfirmed report, take this with a pinch of salt but given Samsung’s love for large-displays, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see if Note 12.2 becomes a reality.


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