Sony Xperia Z with Nexus user experience incoming: Report

After Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, it is now the turn of Sony’s Xperia Z to appear in stock Android avatar. According to reports on Android Geeks and Android Central, both of which have confirmed the same from their sources, Google will be launching Xperia Z with Nexus user experience later this year.

The smartphone will also be available like the other two in Google Play for around $599.

Sony Xperia Z is the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship smartphone and comes with 5-inch 1080p display and quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. The phone also packs 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera, front camera, and water/ dust resistance.

Earlier, Sony had announced that it was working on an AOSP port for Xperia Z smartphone, so probably now both Google and Sony are partnering on the same, but we have no confirmation.

With the launch of Xperia Z with Nexus user experience, we will have three major flagship models with stock Android. Looks like Google has finally figured out a way to give its version of Android to the mass market devices.

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