Amazon testing streaming viewer for Flash content on Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon Streaming ViewerAmazon is quietly testing a new feature for its Silk web browser on Kindle Fire tablets that allows users to play Flash content using the company’s experimental streaming player. The testing for the streaming player has been on for the last six months, reports AllthingsD.

As the Silk browser taps the cloud technology, Amazon extracts the Flash content on the server level and passes it through its experimental streaming player.

“We also wanted to use the cloud to offer new features or capabilities that solve customer frustrations — one we heard often from customers was that they wanted to view Flash content,” Amazon’s Kurt Kufeld told AllthingsD.

This is not the first time that any company is using cloud technology to deliver Flash content, even iSwifter browser on iOS using similar method to bring flash content on iOS devices.

Currently only available for select websites like, and, the streaming player is increasingly being offered by Amazon on more websites and it could be opened to all websites in future.

“Because this feature is built on the AWS cloud, expanding our list of available sites is as simple as a configuration change that immediately propagates to customer devices and we can scale out elastically based upon customer demand. It’s still early days but we’re very excited about this feature,” Kufeld added.

Given that Adobe no longer offers native Android support for Flash, any such feature from Amazon would certainly be appreciated by the users.

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