Google has already released fix for master key vulnerability to OEMs: Report

Android Security bugRemember the recent reports that painted a scary picture of how 99 per cent of the Android devices are vulnerable to attacks that can steal private data from these devices. Well, Google has reportedly fixed the bug and has already released it to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs, companies like HTC, Samsung and Huawei etc.).

According to a report in ZDNet, Google’s Android Communications Manager Gina Scigliano has confirmed that a patch for the vulnerability has been provided to Android partners and they have already started shipping this fix.

Google has not revealed any other details about the bug or when can we expect the fix on Nexus devices, which are directly updated by the search giant.  Other device users are obviously left to the mercy of their device manufacturer, which will most likely take their time in releasing fixed software to the users.

There isn’t need to worry though as Google’s Scigliano has noted that Google is yet to see any exploits using this vulnerability in Google Play or any other app store.

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