HTC to release upgraded HTC One this year, kill Butterfly series [Rumour]

Plastic version of HTC One also rumoured

HTC logoThe latest set to rumours coming from UK indicates that HTC plans to launch an upgraded version of its flagship HTC One later this year. There is no word on what will be changed in the upgraded version, however if HTC is planning to take the similar route like it did with HTC One X and X+, we might see processor and memory upgrade.

UK tech new site Pocket lint also claims that HTC is planning to kill the Butterfly series of phone next year and there won’t be any more Butterfly smartphones. This is not all; HTC is also reportedly working on a plastic version of HTC One smartphone and the successor to HTC One phone, both of which will be released next year.

There are no details about any of these phones right now but Pocket Lint notes that HTC One successor carries the M8 codename (existing HTC One was M7).

Considering the lack of any details, we are inclined to take this with a pinch of salt and suggest you to do the same. If any of these rumours is indeed true, we will surely hear more rumours or see leaks in the coming weeks.

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