Qualcomm TOQ trademark hints at future smartwatch

Qualcomm TOQAfter the rumours of Qualcomm’s plans to introduce a smartwatch device, a trademark filing from the company for something called TOQ has been spotted by Phandroid.

The Qualcomm TOQ trademark application has been filed in the following categories:

  • IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Personal communication hub in the form of a wristwatch; portable electronic devices for transmitting and reviewing text, data, image, and audio files; hands free devices for mobile phones; battery chargers
  • IC 014. US 002 027 028 050. G & S: Smart watches

All this clearly points to a smartwatch and gives further credence to the previous rumour that we might see a smartwatch (might be dubbed Zola) from Qualcomm later this year.

If Qualcomm indeed launches Zola, this will be the company’s first commercial consumer device, its subsidiaries do sell a few consumer devices, but it will be the first directly from Qualcomm.

There are no details available right now but as we noted in our previous report – it is possible that Qualcomm might use one of its entry-level chips like Snapdragon 200 and Mirasol display in this upcoming smartwatch.

We are keeping a close eye on this and will let you know if anything new pops up.

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