Motorola releases Touchless Control, Skip Setup apps in Google Play

Motorola Touchless Control and Skip SetupGoogle-owned Motorola has released the Skip Setup as well as Touchless control apps in Google Play earlier today. As you can expect, the applications are restricted for use only on select smartphones like Droid Max, Mini, Ultra and Moto X in the case of Touchless Control and only Moto X in the case of Skip Setup.

Talking about Touchless Control app, it also comes pre-installed on the new Motorola smartphones but the company is moving the app to Google Play for faster updates. The Google Play version will show up as an update on new Droid smartphones as well as Moto X but does not seem to bring any new features.

Coming to Skip Setup app, it is required for Motorola Skip NFC accessory to work with your Moto X smartphone.  To setup Skip, make sure NFC is enabled, tap your Skip or Skip dot to the back of your Moto X and follow the onscreen instructions.


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