AntTek releases revamped AntTek Explorer EX in Google Play

AntTek Explorer EX AntTek has announced that it is releasing the revamped version of its file manager app called AntTek Explorer in Google Play. The re-tooled version of the file manager is now known as AntTek Explorer EX and can be downloaded for free (pro version brings extra features).

We gave a quick spin to the app and it is indeed very fast and brings a decent-looking user interface.

According to AntTek, Explorer EX not only supports local files but users can also manage their cloud stored content and networked files. This is not so revolutionary and in fact most of the good file-manager apps support these features.

This is not all; AntTek Explorer EX also comes with multi-pane interface, drag & drop support, and root file access. You can check out more features in the list given below.

  • Flexible layout customization
  • Manage local file (SDCard), Manage system partition (if rooted), Stream files from remote file server for audio and video
  • Access to unlimited cool/free themes
  • Delete system/stock/bloatware apps
  • View system files
  • Auto-remount partitions
  • Cloud explorer – cloud files as in your local
  • Network – seamlessly browsing files
  • Cool music player with full equalizer
  • Storage detail information
  • Nice home screen widgets & shortcuts
  • Built-in image viewer, TIFF viewer, Zip/RAR viewer, APK viewer, Source code viewer: support more than 13 programming languages (java, C, php, perl, etc.,)
  • Quick search all SD card

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