Another Nexus 5 render appears online as Nexus 4 LTE spotted on Bluetooth SIG

While we wait for the official release of Nexus 4 successor, a new press render of the Nexus 5 smartphone has been posted by evleaks. Same as the previous leaks, the render confirms the earlier revealed revamped launcher, transparent status bar etc.

There are no new details but in related news, Nexus 4 LTE rumours have returned as the phone has been spotted on Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) website.

While the Bluetooth SIG listing as such does not confirm anything, there have been rumours that Google might release Nexus 4 LTE along with Nexus 5. So it seems, Google might finally make use of the dormant LTE chip inside Nexus 4 smartphone and release an unlocked 4G LTE variant.

If Nexus 4 LTE turns out to be real and is priced aggressively, Google will have a pretty decent line-up of Nexus smartphones this year.

There is still no conclusive report on when the search giant will be unveiling these smartphones, one rumour indicates October 31 announcement, while another suggests October 28 unveiling. At this point, we can only wait and watch.

A look at the leaked Nexus 5 promo shots so far


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