Google kills stock Gallery app in favour of Photos app

Photos appChange live in the latest Google Play edition devices

With two apps offering similar functionality in Nexus and Google Play edition devices, one was bound to get the death sentence. Google has killed the stock gallery app in the latest Google Play edition devices and Photos app (earlier known as Google+ Photos) is now the default image organisation application.

The timing of this change in interesting that as just over a month old-Nexus 5 came with Gallery app and suddenly the company has decided to replace it with Photos app.

Going forward, future Nexus and Google Play edition devices are also not expected to feature Gallery app, although it will most probably remain in AOSP. If past occurrences are any indication, Google will also keep Gallery alive in existing Nexus and Google Play edition devices, which had the app factory–installed.

Some users might be disappointed with this news as stock Gallery app had better image editing capabilities, which are not present in Photos app but future app updates should bring the same functionalities to Photos app too.


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