Google launches Play Books in five South American countries

Google Play BooksGoogle has expanded Play Books support to five new markets today. This eBook store is now accessible to users in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

The latest expansion comes around the month after Google Play Books support reached South Africa, Turkey and Switzerland. The total number of countries, where Play Books are accessible, currently stands at 44 countries.

If you live in these five South American countries, you can expect eBooks section to arrive soon in Google Play on your Android device and web. To remind you, you can read eBooks purchased from Google Play Books across platforms, not just Android.

Here is a look at the availability status of various Google Play content offerings around the world:

  • Google Play Books: 44 countries
  • Google Play Magazines: 4 countries
  • Google Play Movies: 14 countries
  • Google Play TV Shows: 3 countries
  • Google Play Music:  21 countries
  • Google Play Music All Access: 20 countries

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