LG Optimus G not getting Android 4.4 update in Estonia (Updated)

LG Optimus GUpdate: Turns out, there is no KitKat update for Optimus G. According to Phone Arena, it was a poorly worded announcement for the 4G update for Optimus G rather than Android 4.4 update.

Earlier: In a big surprise, LG seems to have started rolling-out Android 4.4 update for at least one LG Optimus G variant. The company has released KitKat for Optimus G consumers on telecom operator Elisa in Estonia.

There is no word on the when this update will reach other consumers, but considering the update is already available in Estonia, it should be arriving to other markets in the coming weeks.

Estonian arm of LG has also noted that there is no confirmation on the Android 4.4 update roll-out for LG G2 but we are hoping to hear something very soon.

LG has a very poor track record in providing software updates and Android 4.4 availability for Optimus G is welcome change.  It is important to note here that LG Optimus G runs on Android 4.1 and AFAIK, it seems to have got Android 4.2.2 update in some markets, but the company is skipping Android 4.3 entirely.

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