BlackBerry to bring BBM for Gingerbread devices

BBBM for GingerbreadlackBerry has announced that it is building a new version of its BlackBerry Messenger app for Gingerbread users (Android 2.3.3+).  Until only available for Android 4.0+ devices, BBM has raked in huge number of downloads but the details about actual usage of this messenger app remain sketchy.

Anyways, the support for Gingerbread will give BlackBerry a whole new chunk of users (around 21 percent of the total active Android devices) ready to try out the app.

“The team at BBM has been busy in the kitchen over the last few months cooking up this special release of BBM for Android smartphones running Gingerbread and are now moving into an external beta ahead of the launch in February,” noted Jeff Gadway, head of product and brand marketing for BBM.

There is still no word on the actual release date but with beta testing already underway, the launch shouldn’t be very far but then given the BB’s track record, we can’t be too optimistic.

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