Google brings data compression to Chrome for Android stable version

Chrome for Android Data compressionGoogle has announced that it has started rolling-out a new stable release of Chrome of Android web browser, which brings data compression and bandwidth management.  Google claims that compression can reduce data usage by up to 50%.

Data compression has been present in the test versions of the browser for quite some time but it is finally making it to the stable version, which is used by the most consumers.

Google adds that data compression feature also enables Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology, which protects users from malicious webpages.

To enable data compression and bandwidth compression, visit “Settings” > “Bandwidth management” > “Reduce data usage.” Then simply turn the toggle to “On.” You will also be able to see the saving statistics from this menu itself.

In addition, the new version of Chrome for Android also allows users to create shortcuts to their favourite websites right on the home-screen for faster access.

The new version is rolling out in phases and will reach your Android devices in the next few days.

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