New Google Play Services version brings turn-based multiplayer support to Play Games

Google Play ServicesGoogle has started rolling out a new version of Play Services (PS) to Android users around the globe. The new 4.1 version brings a host of goodies for Android app developers including turn-based multiplayer support in Google Play Games.

According to a blog post on Android Developers Blog, developers can build asynchronous games to play with friends and auto-matched players, supporting 2-8 players per game. When players take turns, their turn data is uploaded to Play Services and shared with other players automatically.

Among other changes, Google is introducing a developer preview of Drive API in Play Services, which will allow developers to read and write files directly in Google Drive from their app. This should be particularly useful for file explorers and office suites.

In addition, with Google Play services 4.1, the Google Mobile Ads SDK now fully supports DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for Mobile Apps. App developers can now also use publisher-provided location API to pass-on user location to Google to get targeted ads for better monetisation.

Lastly, the new PS version brings better Google+ sharing experience and improves the sharing functionality.

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