Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport fingerprint tech, not iris scanner: Report

Fingerprint technologyA report originating from Korea states that Samsung will most likely be including fingerprint recognition tech in Galaxy S5, not the rumoured iris scanner. According to Korea Herald’s sources, iris scanner in a phone will be unintuitive and it is simply too immature for use in smartphones.

“Among the different types of biometric sensors that Samsung is testing for its Galaxy S5, the tech giant will go for fingerprint authentication rather than unintuitive user experience of iris recognition,” wrote Korea Herald citing an unnamed source.

Samsung is reportedly working to put fingerprint sensors under the display panel so that the consumers can simply scan the fingerprint on the display. It also makes sense design-wise.

Samsung might not be using iris scanner in Galaxy S5 but the company is still testing the technology and may be in a couple of years, it will become more mature and usable in smartphones.

Samsung to put improved hovering touch technology in S5

Another report coming from Korea suggests that Samsung is also working to put an improve air gesture technology in its upcoming flagship phone. This technology, apparently developed by Synaptics, will provide better accuracy and supply multiple finger gestures.

Not many details about available at this point.

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