UCWeb releases UC Browser 9.5 for Android in Google Play

Claims to be bring fastest ever downloading on mobile with the latest version

UCWeb has released the version 9.5 of its UC Browser in Google Play earlier today. The new version brings support for more languages, web application center, image viewer and improved download speed.

As per a press release issued by the company, UC Browser users can now download online content 15% faster on 3G and Wi-Fi compared with the previous version of the browser. There is performance improvement in downloads on 2G network too. The company claims that UC Browser boasts fastest download speed for any mobile browser on the market.

Among other changes, the browser can now display content in several new languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and more. However, it first has to download language packs for any particular language.

Another major feature debuting with UC Browser 9.5 is the web application center, which packs several HTML5 apps that can be used by the consumers.

Other changes

  • Image Viewer
  • UC Homescreen Widget
  • General enhancements for typing, gesture control and font adjustment

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