Yahoo acquires Aviate, the smart Android launcher

AviateRemember Aviate, the intelligent home-screen replacement app. Well, it has been acquired by Yahoo, making it probably the first acquisition from the company this year.

According to Yahoo, it plans to make Aviate a central part of its Android-based experiences in 2014.

“We envision homescreens becoming smarter, more personalized, aware of your context. Aviate helps us bring this vision to life,” noted Adam Cahan, SVP Mobile and Emerging Products in a blog post.

Yahoo has stated that Aviate team will be joining their team and help them in creating simple and intelligent mobile experiences.

The financial deals of the transaction are unclear.

If you haven’t tried out Aviate until now, you can grab it from Google Play. As it is still in beta, you will need an invite code, try ‘YAHOO’ if it works for you or request a new one.

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