Huawei teases MWC offerings with cheeky video

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Huawei is growing bolder and its latest video teaser of Mobile World Congress 2014 offerings in an indication of that. The company earlier today released the teaser on YouTube to give us a glimpse of its upcoming Android smartphone and tablets, which will be unveiled at MWC later this month.

While the video is scarce on actual details, it did confirm what we had heard until now that Huawei is going to announce a new Android smartphone and two new Android tablets. The smartphone is expected to be the successor to Ascend P6 and will most probably be known as Ascend P7. There have also been some leaks about one of these tablets – MediaPad X7 but the other one is still a mystery.

Although the teaser doesn’t talk about any smartwatches, WSJ had recently reported that Huawei is also planning to showcase its first smartwatch at MWC in Barcelona. The details about the device are unclear right now.

Acer to unveil new Liquid-series smartphone at MWC

While we are on the topic of teasers, another Android manufacturer is teasing a Mobile World Congress announcement. Although not cheeky like Huawei’s teaser, the teaser from Acer simply reveals that the company plans to unveil a Liquid-series smartphone at Barcelona.

There are no details available about this smartphone.

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