HTC UK suspends Android 4.4 OTA update roll-out for HTC One

HTC OneHTC UK has announced that it is suspending the roll-out of Android 4.4 KitKat update for the HTC One smartphone after the reports of problems with the update.

“We are aware that a limited number of HTC users are experiencing difficulties with the KitKat update. As a result, all FOTA updates have been temporarily suspended. HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience and we are working hard to resolve the issue quickly,” HTC UK told Android Central in a statement.

There is no word on what are the exact issues with the update but some users seems to be experiencing faster battery drainage but we can’t be sure about that.

This decision from the company comes just a week after it originally started rolling-out the OTA in the country.

If you have updated your HTC One to Android 4.4 in UK and are experiencing any issues, let us know in comments.

HTC One wins iF gold product design award

In related news, HTC has announced that it has won iF gold product design award for its flagship HTC One smartphone.

“Hearing so many people say how much they love the HTC One is a credit to the incredible designers and engineers who worked on the project, displaying an obsessive attention to detail to produce something that has earned HTC legions of new fans and critical acclaim globally,” HTC CEO Peter Chou said in a statement.


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