Korean telecom operators begin Galaxy S5 sales ahead of schedule

Samsung Galaxy S5South Korean telecom operators have begun the sales of Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone ahead of the schedule. The phone was supposed to go on sale globally on April 11 but due to an impending sales ban, Korean telecom operators SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ started taking Galaxy S5 orders earlier today.

While SK Telecom has around a week before the sales ban kicks in, KT and LG U+ are already under the ban but they are still selling the phones to the customers, who are not covered by the ban.

To remind you, earlier this month, Korean regulator had fined all three operators for breaching local regulations regarding the subsidisation of the phones.

Samsung told AP in a statement that it was puzzled about the SKT’s decision about the early release of Galaxy S5 and is still deciding on how to respond. Other telecom operators KT and LG U+ had followed SKT.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is still set to debut on April 11 in other countries including India, US, Australia, and UK.

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