Samsung Galaxy S5 is not available in India right now

Samsung Galaxy S5Just now, I spotted a couple of blogs reporting about the availability of Galaxy S5 in India days before it is supposed to go on sale worldwide, wait.. what? Yes, some pageviews-hungry tech blogs have published that the Galaxy S5 is on sale at e-retailer for INR 45,500, which is not true.

Although the first look at the listing of Galaxy S5 on Saholic might lead a newbie to think that the retailer is selling the phone but that is not the case. A quick click on the Buy Now button reveals that the phone is out of stock and can not be ordered. Clearly, the blogs/ websites reporting about the availability of Galaxy S5 did not even bother to check for that.

It is a normal practice among some e-retailers to put the upcoming product listings in place before the actual availability to get some SEO juice and backlinks from these PVs-hungry tech blogs.

Let me just tell you that as and when Galaxy S5 goes on sale, you will know it. Samsung will flood Print, TV and other media with that information and almost all tech sites will be reporting about it (not just a few).

To remind you, Samsung has revealed that it plans to start selling Galaxy S5 on April 11, so until then just hang on and play with your existing smartphone.


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