Sony won’t use Android Wear, will stick to its own smartwatch platform

Sony SmartWatch 2
Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony has revealed that it won’t be using Android Wear in its smartwatches and will continue building its own Android-based Smartwatch platform. Android Wear is Google’s new platform for wearable devices and was officially unveiled recently.

“We’ve already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction,” Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile’s US arm, told CNET in an interview.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise given the absence of Sony from the list of Android Wear partners, however if Android Wear is as successful in wearables arena as Android is in smartphone space, we could see Sony change its mind.

Sony’s existing SmartWatch and SmartWatch 2 devices run on an Android-based wearable platform, which has its own apps and services.

Sony has added that it will continue to work with Google on other projects.

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