Google Nexus support accidentally tweets updated dialler app screenshot

As a part of its daily support to Nexus users on Twitter, the @GoogleNexus account on Monday accidentally tweeted a screenshot of the updated Google dialler app, which is not publically available right now.

This screenshot reveals that Google is preparing a new version of dialler app, which will include blue action bar as well as a new blue image for business listings. There is no word on when this version will be available to the consumers. It could arrive as a part of the next Android version or the company might release dialler as a standalone app in Google Play with the changes like it has been doing with most stock apps.

To remind you, the Google dialler is currently available only on Nexus and Google Play edition smartphones but if released in Google Play, it could support Android devices from other manufacturers too.

We are keeping track of the new dialler app and will let you folks know as soon as it is available to all.

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