Twitter acquires Android lock-screen app Cover

CoverTwitter has acquired popular lock-screen replacement app Cover for an un-disclosed amount. This Android-only app boasts of providing right apps at the right time on the smartphone’s lock-screen. Although the exact reason behind Twitter’s acquisition of Cover is unknown, it seems to be more of an aqui-hire as Cover team will work on some other project in Twitter rather than maintaining Cover app.

“For now, Cover will remain available in the Play Store while we focus our attention on our work at Twitter. If that changes down the road, we’ll provide another update here,” wrote Cover team on the official blog.

To remind you, Cover is currently available in Google Play for Android users from Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Europe and Asia. As it was never available for Indian users in Google Play, we won’t be missing it.

Here is quick look at Cover app features

  • Right apps, right time: easily access the right apps, wherever you are
  • Peek: quickly peek into apps right from the lock-screen
  • App switching: jump directly between apps like never before
  • Smart settings: set different ringer volumes and wallpapers for home, work, car, and out

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