Chrome webstore now shows if an app has Android version

Chrome webstoreGoogle has silently updated the Chrome webstore to show whether a Chrome app or extension has a related Android app. This nifty little feature not only makes app discovery easier but also lets users select apps, which are available cross-platform for access to content or services round the clock.

The feature was first noticed by the folks at OMG Chrome last month but it disappeared soon after and is now back. The first sighting was probably a test run by the Chrome team.

Having the same boss for two platforms clearly helps, I doubt if this feature would have ever appeared if Sunder Pichai was not the head of both Chrome and Android teams.

There is no word on whether Google Play store will reciprocate but we never know.

How does the new “Available on Android” feature works on Chrome website?

First, all Chrome apps and extensions show on the top of their listings if there is a related Android app with a link to Google Play listing.

Secondly, Chrome webstore search results also show if a Chrome app/ extension has a related Android app with a link to Google Play listing.

Lastly, users can filter search results to only show Chrome apps/ extensions, which have related Android apps.Chrome webstore

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