Google Maps becomes second Android app to cross 1 billion installs

Redesigned Google Maps for AndroidAfter Gmail, Google Maps has become second Android app to cross 1 billion installs, revealed the Google Play listing of the application. The listing recently started showing that the app has between 1 billion and 5 billion installs.

Google Maps like Gmail comes pre-loaded on almost every Android device (that has access to Google Play), the 1 billion number has nothing to do with downloads. We are still waiting for an official announcement from Google, which might or might not come but Google Play listing gives it fair amount of credibility.

With Maps and Gmail already crossing over 1 billion milestone, we can expect to see Search, YouTube, News & Weather apps too reach the number in the coming months.

Apart from Google apps, we could see Facebook cross 1 billion installs by the end of this year and it would probably be followed by Whatsapp Messenger next year.

PS: Google Play Services also has over 1 billion installs but we don’t count it as it is more of a framework than app.

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