Indian smartphone market grew 186pc in Q1, 2014: IDC

Indian smartphone market in Q1 2014The smartphone market in India continues to be one of the fastest growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region, revealed research firm IDC in its latest report. The firm stated that the Indian smartphone market grew 186 percent year-on-year in Q1, 2014. To put this number in perspective, Chinese smartphone market registered a growth of just 31 percent year-on-year in Q1.

According to IDC, despite all this growth, the smartphone adoption is still just 10 percent in the country but it is expected to rise thanks to the availability of budget smartphones.

“This rapid pace of growth in smartphones is expected to continue in India. While we notice that much of the growth is coming from low-cost devices using the Android operating system, Windows is making adequate gains too based on the strength of the entry level product mix in smartphones,” said Kiran Kumar, Research Manager- Client Devices at IDC India.

Coming to the specifics, the smartphone vendors shipped 17.59 million smartphone units in the last quarter, of which 78 percent of the devices were in sub-$200 price-bracket.

In term of the vendors, Samsung continues to be the top smartphone maker in the country with 35 percent of the smartphone market share. It is followed by Micromax with 15 percent, Karbonn with 10 percent, Lava with 6 percent and Nokia with just 4 percent.


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