XOLO releases kernel source code for Q1100

XOLO Q1100In, what is probably the first instance, an Indian smartphone vendor has decided to release kernel source code for one of its smartphones. XOLO has posted the kernel source for its Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor powered Q1100 smartphone on Source Forge.

This source code will be of great help to the Android developers trying to build custom firmware for the Q1100 smartphone. As the source is for a Qualcomm processor running smartphone, which is quite developer friendly, it might not be that big a step as it would been if the phone was running on a MediaTek chip but something is always better than nothing.

We hope that this will be followed by other smartphone vendors and they too will try to be more developer friendly and release kernel sources for their devices.

Here is the direct link to XOLO Q1100 kernel source.

Thanks Gopal for the tip


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