Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out within 40 minutes at Flipkart

Xiaomi Mi 3 Sold outAs expected, Xiaomi’s Mi 3 smartphone was sold out within 40 minutes at Flipkart today. Although the company has not revealed how many units it had put on sale but as per the import data, Xiaomi seems to have imported around 10,000 (Update: 20,000) smartphones, of which some were sold yesterday as a part of the early-access sale.

E-retailer Flipkart faced various issues during this period and the website was rendered useless for many users. Others faced problems with payments and some weren’t able to even add the phone to their cart. If Flipkart would have kept its act together, the phone might have been sold out in even less time. According to Xiaomi, there were over 100,000 registrations for today’s Mi 3 sale.

To remind you, this is the first sale of Mi 3 in the country and we expect the company to import more units in the coming days. So, if you weren’t able to buy the smartphone today, don’t worry, you will get another chance very soon. Update: Xiaomi has revealed that the registered consumers, who were not able to buy Mi 3 today, will automatically be registered for the next sale. Others can register for the next sale at Flipkart now.

In related news, Xiaomi unveiled the successor to Mi 3 in the form of Mi 4 at a press event in China today.


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