Google to bring multi-user support on phones with Android L

Multiple User-accounts on AndroidLooks like Google is bringing multiple user-accounts support to Android phones with the next Android release. A reply from a Googler to a multi-user support query in Android issue tracker revealed this development.

“The development team has implemented this feature and it will be available as a part of the next public build,” stated Michel from Google. While he did not explicitly mention Android L, the next public build can only be the L-release as Google is unlikely to push any other major builds for KitKat.

Google currently supports multiple user-profiles on Android tablets but a similar feature on Android phones will certainly make sense as we all know, we aren’t the only ones using our smartphones. Family and friends often tend to play games or do other stuff on our phones and in these cases a second user profile will surely be very helpful. Such feature could also be useful in keeping work and personal stuff separate on Android phones but as per reports, Google is working on a better solution for enterprise users.

What are your thoughts on the feature, do you think having multiple user-accounts on Android phones be useful? Let us know in comments.


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