KitKat now present on one in four Android devices: Google

Android Distribution NumbersGoogle has released the official platform distribution data for August and it reveals that Android 4.4.x is now running on almost 25 percent of the total active Android devices, indicating that every one in four Android phones or tablets is powered by the latest Android version.

Among other Android versions, Jelly Bean (4.1.x, 4.2.x and 4.3) still continue to account for over 50 percent of the Android devices, followed by Gingerbread, which is now powering 11.4 percent devices.

No major changes are expected in the coming two-three months and we expect to see KitKat continue to capture more market share as other versions decline. The entry of Android L in the fray will tweak the dynamics a bit but any major change will only be visible after at least two months of Android L debut.

Here is a quick look at the market share of various Android versions:

  • Jelly Bean: 53.8 pc
  • KitKat: 24.5 pc
  • Gingerbread: 11.4 pc
  • Ice Cream Sandwich: 9.6 pc
  • Froyo: 0.7 pc

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