Google expands PayPal support in Google Play to six more countries

PayPal support in Google PlayGoogle has increased the number of markets, where it accepts PayPal as a valid mode of payment in Google Play. The new countries getting the new payment mode are Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore and Sweden. Singapore has actually become the first Asian market to get PayPal support. You can check out the full list of supported countries, which are 18, here.

To remind you, PayPal can be used to pay for apps and digital content only, it is not a valid mode of payment for devices and accessories, which are also sold via Google Play in select countries.

Now, pre-order movies in Google Play

In more Google Play news, Google has announced that it will now allow the United States users to pre-order movies on Play Movies, which are still in theatres and have not seen a digital release.Google Play Pre-order Movies“Pre-order new movies like “+Gone Girl,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “+Maleficent,” “Maze Runner,” and more, then watch them the first day they’re available on digital,” Google noted in a Google+ post.

The company has also stated that it plans to add more countries for pre-orders but at this time, the feature is exclusive to US.

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