Microsoft launches Xim, a photo-sharing app

XimMicrosoft on Wednesday unveiled a new photo sharing app “Xim” for Android (iOS and Windows Phone) users.  Built around simultaneous sharing, the Xim app allows users to share photos from their device or cloud accounts to their friends and family, and then everyone can view the photos together on their devices.

“Why huddle around one small screen when you can xim your photos to your friends? Your slideshow will play on your device and theirs simultaneously. Sit back, enjoy the show,” notes Microsoft on Xim website.

According to Microsoft, only the person, who is sharing the app needs to have the app, others will be able to view them without needing any application, however they will need app if they want to add their own photos to the viewing party or invite more people.  The Xim app also support comments.

Find more about the app in the video demo below:

It is important to note here that Xim only seems to be available in select countries and India is not one of them.

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