Nokia releases Z Launcher beta in Google Play

Nokia Z LauncherFive months after introducing the Z Launcher, Nokia has released it in Google Play today. The home-screen replacement app is now in beta phase and the Play Store availability will provide the launcher broader reach, which will help in ironing out bugs before stable release.

Not much seems to have changed in Z Launcher on the feature-front since the original announcement, but there are plenty of improvements like it is faster, better at predicting what users might need at a particular time and includes refined Scribble (feature that allows the users to just draw a letter on phone screen to get search results from apps, contacts and more). In addition, Nokia has stated that Z Launcher will now work on rooted devices.

Nokia has also stated that the launcher will be pre-loaded on the company’s just announced N1 Android tablet, which is scheduled to arrive in Q1, 2015. There is no word on whether the tablet version of the launcher will be any different or any include any extra features.

Nokia Z Launcher


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