Now make international phone calls from Hangouts in India

Hangouts voice callsGoogle on Thursday announced that Hangouts phone call support is now available to the Indian users. The Android users in the country will need to install the dedicated Hangouts Dialer app from Google Play to use the feature.

“Starting today, the Hangouts app on your phone will help you stay connected with your family and friends around the world in more ways than ever. Now you can make voice calls to phone numbers outside of India on Android, iOS and the web from Hangouts in Gmail,” Google India noted in a Google+ post.

Due to the regulatory issues, only international voice-calls are supported at this point, you won’t be able to call the Indian mobile or landline numbers. Skype, which already offers the same feature, is also removing the local calls support on November 10 in the country.

To remind you, Hangouts phone calls to US and Canada are free at the moment and Google is running a promotion as a part of which, you get the first minute of calls free to select countries.Hangouts voice calls

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