Samsung plans to make TouchWiz lean, will offer enhancements as downloads: Report

Samsung TouchWiz UXEvery year, the Korean manufacturer Samsung adds some new gimmicky features, removes some failed enhancements and brings some cosmetic changes to the TouchWiz user-experience. 2015, however, it seems will bring some real change to the Samsung UX.

According to a report in SamMobile, the Korean manufacturer is planning to reduce the bloat in TouchWiz and make it lean. The publication also notes that the company will be offering most of the software enhancements as optional downloads

Although the specifics of Samsung’s TouchWiz UX revamp plan are unclear at this point, we believe that while Samsung will remove some enhancements from the UX, the company will still bundle most of it with the phones like Galaxy S6, but it will separate them from the core OS, thus making them upgradable via an App store such Galaxy Apps or Google Play. Most of the Android manufacturers have opted for the same and it makes sense because it streamlines a convoluted UX and makes it easier to update going forward.


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