Google Maps app update brings reviews from “Local Guides” program

Local Guides on Google Maps for AndroidGoogle has announced that it will now start highlighting reviews from its new Local Guides program in Maps for Android. The updated version of the app including the new feature is rolling out now and will reach your Android device in the coming days.

According to Google, Local Guides is a global community of the top reviewers on Google, who enjoy benefits for writing great local reviews. Local Guides is not exactly new, but a global version of Google’s previous City Experts program, which was introduced in August 2013.

The Maps for Android users will see the reviews from Local Guides carrying the Local Guide badge in the Places listings. While Google’s intention is to bring in good local reviews from this program, but the actual reviews will only reveal how much the company has been successful in achieving this aim.

If you want to be a Local Guide, you can visit this link to sign-up. There is no word on other changes in the latest Google Maps for Android update. Local Guides on Google Maps for Android

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