Motorola to skip Android 5.0 for 1st-gen Moto X, E and Moto G 4G smartphones

Moto X, Moto G and Moto E
Image Credit: Ars Technica

Motorola has decided to skip the Android 5.0 update for Moto X (1st gen), Moto E (1st gen) and Moto G 4G (1st Gen) smartphones and jump directly to Android 5.1.

David Schuster of Motorola Mobility wrote in Google+ post today that although they have been testing Android 5.0 for these phones in select regions, they have seen Android 5.1 brings better performance, thus the company has decided to move their efforts upgrade the devices directly from KitKat to Android 5.1.

There is no word on when Android 5.1 will reach the aforementioned smartphones, but we hope it is sooner rather than later, as the first-gen Moto X, Moto E and Moto G 4G users have already waited for a long time. Moto G 3G is the only first generation Motorola smartphone that has received Android 5.0 update.


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