Motorola starts Android 5.1 soak test for Moto X (2nd Gen), new feature in tow

Chop Twice for flashlightMotorola has announced that it has started rolling-out the Android 5.1 update to select Moto X (2nd Gen) units in Brazil. The update is currently in the soak test phase and if everything goes well, we can expect the expanded release in the next few days.

The company has also revealed that the Moto X (2nd Gen) Android 5.1 update also brings a new action to Moto Actions on the smartphone. After installing the update, the Moto X users will be able wave their phone twice in chopping motion to trigger the flash light.

“How many times have you fumbled through your settings or awkwardly opened an app to turn on the flashlight? When you typically need a flashlight, you need one quickly. Chop twice for flash allows you to make a natural chopping motion (that’s right, like when you’re chopping an onion) to turn on the flashlight. Then simply chop twice again to turn it off,” wrote Motorola in a blog post.

Motorola noted that it is working to get the update certified with carrier partners in other markets and will release it soon.

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