Zomato launches standalone food-ordering app, service still Delhi-NCR only

Zomato OrderZomato has announced the release of its standalone food-ordering app in Google Play. Dubbed as Zomato Order, the app allows the users to order food from the nearby eateries without the need for searching paper menus or restaurant phone numbers.

The service continues to be Delhi-NCR only, but it is expected to be available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata soon.

The food-ordering functionality is still included in their main application, but it is likely that Zomato will remove the feature from the main app in the upcoming versions and redirect users to the standalone app.

The company states that they didn’t want to stuff everything in a single app, thus this move to unbundle the applications. It will also help the company in pushing quicker updates.

“Having two separate apps allows us to build lightweight apps that get straight to solving the problems you face. Actions that are core to the app experience can be given priority of position, and we aren’t forced into making real estate compromises,” wrote Zomato in a blog post.

“Baking the ordering feature into the restaurant finder app might seem like the convenient thing to do, but that means having to coincide release cycles for two effectively different products in one. Unbundling them allows us to devote attention to both apps independently, iterate quickly, and push updates for either one as required,” added Zomato.Zomato OrderZomato Order is just 4.5MB on Android and can be grabbed from Google Play. The application is pretty straight-forward to use and you can place your order within minutes. The Zomato Order app also uses material design, something which is still missing from the main Zomato app.

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