Google Maps gets picture-in-picture mode on Oreo devices

Google MapsTurns out Android Oreo’s new picture-in-picture (PiP) mode isn’t getting limited to video players or video chats applications. Apps like Google’s own Maps have started integrating the functionality to make sure the consumers don’t miss their app when they are going to homescreen or other applications.

Originally introduced in the last version of Google Maps, the feature was a mess and wasn’t rendering data properly, but now Google has fixed things up. The latest version of Maps, 9.60, will go picture-in-picture way when you press home button while using the navigation. The small window will then show details like next turn, an estimate of by when you will reach your destination and the name of the road you are on.

Maps PiPThe PiP mode during the normal browsing of Maps app is still full of issues and it is likely that Maps will keep PiP for navigation only.

If you are running on Oreo and have version 9.60 of Map, but still don’t see PiP mode, don’t worry you are not alone. The feature seems to be a part of some kind of staged roll-out.

Via: AP

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