Microsoft’s new Mixer app lets you stream games from Android

Mixer CreateMicrosoft has launched its Mixer Create app in Google Play, allowing users to stream Android games. According to the company, any game can be streamed using Mixer Create, same as on YouTube or Twitch. In addition, you will be able to vlog, participation in co-streams and the manage your Mixer settings right in the app.

“You can now broadcast playing your favorite mobile games directly from your phone – no extra software or equipment needed,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Mixer Create features

  • Stream your Android gameplay with super-low latency
  • Co-Streaming: Up to four streamers can combine their streams into a single viewing experience
  • Vlog from anywhere
  • Chat Companion: Chat from your phone while streaming from PC or Xbox One.
  • Support to edit your Mixer profile and tweak settings

Mixer Create

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